Understand your current metabolic state by reading the wave frequency of your body’s cells.
Let’s take care of your health!

It has been known for about 200 years in Europe that every organ cell in the body has a unique frequency.

What is “natural frequency”?

メタトロンA radio station, for example.
By matching the frequencies of the countless radio waves that circulate in the air,You can listen to a specific radio program.

The “Oriental Holistic Metatron” device has 5,500 healthy frequency scales that our ideal for the human body.

By matching the frequency of your own cells to one of the ideal conditions we can understand your current metabolic state.

Is there inflammation? Is there any abnormal proliferations?

We can measure your condition from two viewpoints.

A blood test might show that you have a problem, but it might not be specific where the problem is located. Using our Metatron, we can help to clarify where the problems lie.

Once we know what’s going on with your body, we can give you advice on how to deal with it.

Metatron measurement cost

Measurement of Metatron(Takes about 20 minutes) 5,500 yen(tax included)
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