Treatment by Stress Specialists By taking care of your tired brain. Clinic specializing in stress care


ConceptHolistic Aozora Clinic Philosophy

Our clinic specializes in “stress care manegment” helping patients recover from physical and mental ailments by treating tired brains and intestines.
Our team of specialists include: doctors, counselors, clinical psychologists, and developmental therapists.
We aim to be a facility that strives to support you to see the Blue Sky again.

Causees of mental and physical discomfort = brain fatigueCausees of mental and physical discomfort = brain fatigue
Important substances, vitamins and minerals produced by the bodImportant substances, vitamins and minerals produced by the bod
Self healing: working with the five sensesSelf healing: working with the five senses

Diagnosis & Treatment


  • Athletic care
  • Memory care
  • Sleep care
  • Vitality care
  • Metabolic care
  • Developmental disabilities care


  • Metatron
  • Physical and mental stress test
  • Special blood test
  • Intestinal flora test
  • Developmental test


various injections and infusions

Metatron HolisticMetatron Holistic

Clinic Guide

address 2F INICIO Konan Yamate, 1-7-12 Morinami-cho, Higashinada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 658-0011, Japan
tel 078-862-3527 Reservations accepted by e-mail only.
fax 078-862-3528


For those coming by train

3 minutes walk from JR Konan Yamate Station

For those coming by car

  • There is no dedicated parking space.
  • Please use the nearest parking lot.

Consultation hours

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
(a subscription basis)

Medical examination (13:00-17:00), Examination, Counseling
A consultation with a psychiatrist is always required prior to developmental testing.


testing and counseling only

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